Pink - Female 130.3 -   Sold - Living in Louisiana
Light Green - Male 164.9   Sold - Living in La Porte, Texas
Lavender - Female 120.50 -   Sold - Living In Moss Point, Mississippi
Purple - Female 151.5   Sold - Living to Buffalo, New York
Orange - Male 140.4   Sold - Living in Baton Rouge, LA
Royal Blue - Male 168.0   Sold - Living in Livingston, LA
Black - Male 174.9   Sold - Living in Ontario, Canada
Dark Green - Male 179.9   Sold - Living in Philadelphia, PA
Light Blue - Male 172.4   Sold - Living in Linden, TX
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Males 11/18/09
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It SNOWED in Louisiana! Look at the puppies pages above to see their first snow experience!
Females 11/18/09
Pink - Female  Sold
Moved to Central, LA New name "Bella"
Light Green - Male -  Sold Living in La Porte, Texas, His new name is "Oso"  which means Bear
Lavender  Sold - Living in Moss Point, Mississippi
Orange - Male - Sold - Living in Baton Rouge 2/9/10
Royal Blue - Male - Sold - Living in Livingston, LA
Dark Green - Male - Sold -
Moved to Philadelphia, PA  New name "Thronus"
We are located in Zachary/Slaughter, Louisiana, just North of Baton Rouge
Our Puppies Living Happily Ever After!
First Litter Current Status
First Puppy Pictures
This is their new favorite activity before going inside to bed!
Latest News!
Happy Birthday Oso & Thronus!
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Dogos are big hit at the Krewe of Mutts 2010 Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Parade 01/31/10
First time it's snowed twice in Louisiana in one year since 1973!
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3/1/10 6:28 PM
"Maximus" makes it to Canada!
These are Maximus' first pictures from Toronto, CANADA.
"Maximus is an awesome puppy!  He already knows the commands 'sit' and 'down' and he knows his routine.  He is so smart and so gentle.  He loves to play and he is starting to become more vocal (he was barking and growling at the window today!)."
Click here for more pictures and updates on "Maximus"
A note from Bev,
      My husband and I have really enjoyed raising this litter of dogo puppies. We love them all, We have given our heart to each one of them. It is so hard to let them go, but we know how much love they will bring to a family. Dogos are not just a dog you can put out in the yard and forget about, they need your love and attention. I have never had a breed of dog that is so special.. Thanks to all the owners who have kept us in touch with them. That makes it easier on us to know they are loved as much as we love them..

National Geographic Dogo Argentino Special
"Pendra" - Female - Sold
Swahili for affectionate
Living in Grand Island, New York
8 Puppies Born 6/22/10
New Pages & Pictures
Thronus gets a new Sister - Victory
Black - "Apollo" in California
Red - "Chino" Living in Canada
Green - "Zeus" Living in Iowa
Pink - Best of the Best! -Staying with us!!!
Orange - "Samson" Living in Canada
Camo  - Living in New Mexico
Navy - "Xavier" Living in Texas 40 lbs 5oz 9/29
Blue - "Frankie" Living in Chicago
Navy's new name is

Green's new name is
Showing off his new ears 10/10/10
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Dog Breath
Houston Chronicle
I'm Famous!!!
Pups from other litters - Bella - Living in Louisiana - New Pictures!
"Chino" with his new Ears, 37.5 pounds!
Living it up in Canada! 10/01/10
Living in Chicago
Xavier weighed 55.7 lbs on 10/27/10
Frankie Graduated 10/27/10
Samson - weighed in at 60 lbs. on 10/27/10
Others from 1st Litter - Please send pictures
Xavier - weighed in at 70 lbs. on 11/26/10 (5 months)95 lbs on 2/5/11
(7-1/2 Months)
Official Service Dog!!! We're SO Proud!
23.6 ozs.

22.3 ozs.
19.3 ozs.
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24.7 ozs.
22.6 ozs.
23.7 ozs.
20.7 ozs.
Thanks to the owners around the country for your updates! Please send a 3rd Birthday picture(s) and your dogs weight. Party pictures would be great if you're having a birthday party! Please send something if you haven't already!
Click on name to see updated pictures and comments about their 1st Year
Road trip for his first birthday!
-Man Dogos are smart!-
We don't sell to just anyone!

Diabla / Zap Born 7/3/12
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Bella passed away from Cancer in 2012. She never had any puppies, but she was everybody's Favorite! She is missed every day!
Happiest Young Man In New Jersey!
Pround New Daddy!
Happy 3rd Birthday 1/1/13
Shakira / Ciervo - Litter 1/28/13 
All of our Babies have Great New Families!
Everybody promised to keep us updated, PLEASE DO!

Pink - Female- Dallas, TX - "Roux" 23.9 lbs on 4/19/13, 51.4 on 6/26/13!
Orange - Male- Wetumpka, AL - "Sakoda" 26.5 lbs on 4/22/13 Cropped
Purple - Female- Garner, NC - "Brooklyn" 21.4 lbs on 4/22/13 Cropped
Yellow - Female- South Carolina - "Mayhem Erra De Apollo" 23 lbs on 4/22/13
Red - Male- Crest Hill, IL - "Dante" 23.6 lbs on 4/15/13
Green - Female- Houston, TX - "Bella" 20.7 lbs on 4/22/13 Cropped
Blue - Female- Houston, TX - "Xena Le Bleu" 26.6 lbs on 4/22/13 Cropped

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Shakira's Sire
Legend's "Apollo"
Shakira's Dam

Dam - Shakira
Sire - Ciervo
Pink - Female 17.1 oz - Birth Weight
Orange - Male 17.4 oz - Birth Weight
Purple - Female 17.6 oz - Birth Weight
Yellow - Female 18.1 oz - Birth Weight
Red - Male 16.3 oz- Birth Weight
Green - Female 15.4 oz- Birth Weight
Blue - Female 17.6 oz - Birth Weight
10" of snow outside, think I'll be the first Dogo Sniper!!!
- Jeter - February 2013-
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Current Weight 23.6 lbs. 4/15/13
Diabla and Zap new litter, Born 8/22/13

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Two Perfect Show Females
Very Small Spot
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Click Color or Picture for each pups' page
Complete Vet Check, Vaccinations and BAER Testing - October 4, 2013
All Went Great!!! 8 week Shots 10/18/13

Great Companion
Yellow - Female - Birth Weight 27.2 ozs - SOLD - "Rogue" - living in Katy, TX
Purple - Female - Birth Weight 22.4 ozs - SOLD - "Justice" - St Anne, IL
Pink - Female - Birth Weight 22.4 ozs - SOLD - Mandeville, LA
Green - Female - Birth Weight 20.8 ozs - SOLD - "Bria" - Hernando, MS
Blue - Male - Birth Weight 20.8 ozs - SOLD - "Luca" - Garland, TX
Red - Male - Birth Weight 24.0 ozs - SOLD - "Bacchus" - Central, LA
2/15/11 Pendra is doing amazing at the tracking (hunting, search and rescue), bit work and detection work.  She is OFFICALLY a service dog.  She just got her tags in yesterday and we will start work with her soon.  She is an amazing dog.  The trainer (we both work with) said he has never seen a dog pick-up stuff the way she does, he is amazed at her drive and smarts.  See new Pictures Here
11/19/10 Cute Story featuring Xavier
10/27/10 Frankie Graduates from obedience school!!!
10/27/10 Xavier weighed in at 55.7 lbs!
10/26/10 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1st Litter!!!
9/8/10 Chino (Red) got his ears cropped, stayed overnight for observation, check back for pictures soon!
9/7/10 Xavier is back from his vet for his innoculations. He now weighs 27.4 and is doing well. He seemed a little shy around people, so as soon as he is able to go out in the world, we will concentrate on that. We are really pleased with Xavier. He already knows how to sit and is learning his name.
9/2/10 Blue moves to Chicago, his new name is "Frankie"
8/31/10 Tango is moving to Canada to make a young woman very happy and secure! (pictures 9/1/10?)
8/31/10 Samson is moving to Canada, to a great home and a big boxer friend! (pictures 9/1/10?)
8/26/10 Green flew out of New Orleans to his new loving family in Iowa! (pictures tomorrow?)
8/14/10 Navy Blue "Xavier" moves to Texas to a fine home and a Beach house to play at also!
6/29/10 Zap started advanced training at Dick Russell's Obedience School, he did great!
6/27/10 Zap went to Socialization class, it's every Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am to 9:00am, it's all breeds and ages of dogs just learning to live and play together, Zap has the best time meeting new, and playing with old friends.
6/22/10 It was a long night for the Segraves family, 8 beautiful additions to the family, 7 boys and 1 girl. One of the males has a perfect "Pirate Eye", just like Diabla's. They started coming at 1:22am and finished at 6:07am. We took Diabla to the vet this morning and she is doing great. Click on the "New Litter" page above for birth order and birth weights. We will be weighing them this evening and each evening through 6 weeks. Ralph Segraves
6/15/10 Zap will be Graduating from Dick Russell's Obedience School, he did great, Beverly has spent a lot of time with him, he heals the pylons perfectly and his stays are up to 30 minutes! He will still be attending Socialization classes and the advanced training starts in 2 weeks. He still doesn't like puppy push-ups.
6/11/10 Check Out Pendra's page for news and a bunch of new pictures!
4/30/10 Pendra arrived in Buffalo New York, she is doing fine with her new family, check out her page for latest pictures!
4/28/10 Rb is doing great. We go to park almost everyday he's gotten real big, real fast . I had to get a bigger bed cause we can't seem to sleep comfortably apart from each. He truely is a blessing and a simple thank u isn't enough to discribe how happy he makes us.
                       sofia and royal blue
4/9/2010 Zap and Perfect Girl went to the vet, they are both doing great, Zap is scheduled to have his ears cropped 4/14/10 at Clinton Animal Hospital.
4/3/10 We got our latest Dogo family member, his name is Zap, he is going to be our future sire! He has excellent bloodlines and is a great, very smart and fun puppy. He weighed 25.1 pounds on our April 9, 2010 vet check, we want to welcome him into our home and family!
Ralph Segraves

3/28/10   Hi! i just wanted to let you know that royal is doing great. He has gotten  along great with our german shepeard, Bear. We've gone to the park alot this week  and he's enjoyed himself greatly .well send pictures as soon as we can thanks
                                           sofia and royal blue
3/25/10 Maximus is doing fantastic! He is keeping me in good spirits especially after the accident. I am going to physio therapy and massage therapy to help get better. Maximus keeps me smiling through difficult times. I am lucky to have him. He makes me laugh all the time.
Maximus outgrew his crate a few weeks ago so I got him a bigger one. He lost all his puppy teeth and he is getting his adult teeth now. When we go for walks he finds little 'treasures' along the way. Sometimes I look down and he is carrying something in his mouth and he looks so proud as if to say, "Look what I've got!". He found a plastic fork one time and another time he found a glove. He doesn't eat them he just likes to carry them and show them to people! Maximus is so cute and he knows it too! :) Maximus is very happy and so obedient. He just wants to please me and he tries so hard all the time. I will keep you posted! :)

If you didn't get one! Sorry, they are all in Great Homes!
HAPPY 1st Birthday!!!
Can't believe it's been a year already!