Born 10/26/09
Birth Weight     17.6
10/28/09 Weight18.0 
10/29/09 Weight20.0
10/30/09 Weight20.4
10/31/09 Weight21.9
11/01/09 Weight22.6
11/02/09 Weight23.9
11/03/09 Weight25.2
11/04/09 Weight26.7
11/05/09 Weight28.7
11/06/09 Weight29.9
11/07/09 Weight32.8
11/08/09 Weight34.3
11/09/09 Weight35.2
11/10/09 Weight37.1
11/11/09 Weight38.4
11/12/09 Weight39.8
11/13/09 Weight41.0
11/14/09 Weight42.2
11/15/09 Weight43.4
11/16/09 Weight44.0
11/17/09 Weight47.8
11/18/09 Weight49.8
11/19/09 Weight51.2
11/20/09 Weight52.0
11/21/09 Weight53.1
11/22/09 Weight55.9
11/23/09 Weight58.4
11/24/09 Weight60.2
11/25/09 Weight67.2
11/26/09 Weight74.3
11/27/09 Weight77.2
11/28/09 Weight81.4
11/29/09 Weight89.6
11/30/09 Weight95.2
12/01/09 Weight100.1
12/02/09 Weight105.5

12/07/09 All Shots, worming and vet                checkup
Weight at 6 weeks151.5
Purple - Female
It SNOWED in Louisiana! 12/05/09
This is Purple's first snow experience!
Swahili for affectionate
Buffalo, New York
Taking Time to Smell the Flowers
She weighed 51.5 lbs on her last vet check on 4/9/10
2/15/11 Latest News!!!
Sorry it took so long my camera would not download any pics and had to be repaired.  I have alot more that I wil send soon.  She is doing amazing at the tracking (hunting, search and rescue), bit work and detection work.  She is OFFICALLY a service dog.  She just got her tags in yesterday and we will start work with her soon.  She is an amazing dog.  The trainer (we both work with) said he has never seen a dog pick-up stuff the way she does, he is amazed at her drive and smarts.

She makes us laugh everyday.  We recently lost our French mastiff to old age.  We all miss him sooooooo much.   She is a little lonely, but we keep and she loves playing with the trainers dogs.  Once I recieve the video of her tracking I will send it to you.  We are very happy with her and she knows she is loved.  She took over the bed and thinks that she can sleep with us like a human.  She is a little to big for that, but she usually wins. 

Attached are pics of Pendra.   She is a great dog.  She sleeps all night and wakes us when she needs to go out.  I take her running with me, she is a little crazy at first and then she gets into her running pace.  The first several pics of her are her playing with her favorite toy (monster).   I do not like my dogs on the couch, but as you can see I lost that battle between her and my husband.  He likes to lye with her on the couch and watch TV.  

You can see her with our French Mastiff (Hooch).  They love each other.  He is very vocal (growls, but means no harm, he is a big baby) and she just puts her noise to his showing him that she is not scared.  She will even grab his lip and pull on it.  She loves to jump over the big guy as she runs a 100 mph throughout the yard.  She wraps her front legs around him giving him a big hug. 

The third to last picture is of her after she was caught digging in my garden.  She is covered head to toe in mud (it just rained earlier).   The next picture is of her after her bath, all white and pretty.   The last one is of her on the couch again, tired from a hard days work. 

She is a great dog and we love her to death.  We start dog obedience and agility classes soon.  She gives both paws, sits on her hind legs, stays, sits (mostly with only hand commands).  I work with her every day.  I will be a lot better about keeping you updated and sending pics.   She is also GREAT in the car and pet stores. 
Katie and Pendra
She loved her box of goodies.  She shares the bone with the big guy, one at each end chewing away. 
Pendra with our French Mastiff (Hooch)
"Pendra" our last puppy, is now living happily in New York!
"She was all hugs and kisses the minute we opened her cage door."
She is OFFICALLY a service dog!