UKC# P714-965
Originally "Blue" from Diabla's and Zap's litter born on July 3, 2012
Living in New Jersey
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Happiest Young Man In New Jersey!
72 pounds at 6 months! I was born the biggest, and I'm gonna be the biggest!
Jeter Update! 4/24/13
Jeter is great.  A great family dog.  He loves my son the most which is just what we wanted.  He listens best to me but will take commands from the entire family.  I will send more pictures once the pool is open because he loves the water.  He is really well behaved and has fit in with us perfectly.  I weighed him today and he was 94.4lbs.  He is really tall and lanky right now but we can see him starting to fill out.  The vet says he is super healthy and coming along good.
Very surprised you haven't received any inquiries from my part of Jersey.  Not a day goes by without someone asking me for you web site so they can get one.

Thanks for the interest in him.