Frankie "Frank the Tank"
Born 6/22/10
Bright Blue - 20.7 ozs. (Birth Weight)
     Little Blue Pirate-10.48lbs.(5 Weeks)
Frankie at 1 year 95 lbs.
Watermelon Anybody?
Does It Look Yellow in Here?
1 Day Old
4 Weeks
6 Weeks
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Living in Chicago!
Congratulations on your recent graduation!
First Snowfall!
First Snowfall!
First Snowfall!
First Snowfall!
Frankie goes on a trip for his 1st Birthday!!!
   Frankie went on a road trip out West with us for the past few weeks!  He spent his birthday at Badlands National Park, then onto Yellowstone and traveling around Colorado.  He was an excellent, well-behaved traveler!  He met all kinds of new animals (horses, cows, bison). 
   We think Frankie has had a great first year.  He loves playing with other dogs and being adored by strangers walking past, especially kids!  He's very attached to us, particularly his "dad" and goes everywhere we're allowed to take him. 
   Thanks for checking on him.  Attached are some pictures from our trip, plus one from "dog day" at the Chicago White Sox game :)
Road trip for his first birthday!
-Man Dogos are smart!-
I'm a big Chicago White Sox Fan!
Frankie at Badlands National Park
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me!
Me and "Dad" on my birthday road trip
I'm Sorry!
-Boys will be boys-
Frankie watching "Old Faithful" erupt.
  Thank you so much for the updates during "Frank the Tanks" first year! I'm so happy he went to such a great family!
Time flies, he's grown so fast!