Born 10/26/09
Birth Weight     18.5
10/28/09 Weight19.1 
10/29/09 Weight21.4
10/30/09 Weight22.0
10/31/09 Weight23.2
11/01/09 Weight24.7
11/02/09 Weight26.0
11/03/09 Weight27.4
11/04/09 Weight30.6
11/05/09 Weight31.7
11/06/09 Weight32.8
11/07/09 Weight33.8
11/08/09 Weight35.6
11/09/09 Weight36.9
11/10/09 Weight38.7
11/11/09 Weight40.1
11/12/09 Weight41.7
11/13/09 Weight44.7
11/14/09 Weight45.5
11/15/09 Weight47.1
11/16/09 Weight50.4
11/17/09 Weight52.5
11/18/09 Weight53.5
11/19/09 Weight55.4
11/20/09 Weight56.9
11/21/09 Weight58.8
11/22/09 Weight64.1
11/23/09 Weight64.2
11/24/09 Weight69.1
11/25/09 Weight73.1
11/26/09 Weight86.3
11/27/09 Weight89.9
11/28/09 Weight94.7
11/29/09 Weight98.7
11/30/09 Weight108.4
12/01/09 Weight115.6
12/02/09 Weight122.8

12/07/09 All Shots, worming and vet                checkup
Weight at 6 weeks174.9

Black - Male
It SNOWED in Louisiana! 12/05/09
This is Black's first snow experience!
Blacks' new name is
He finally made it to Ontario, Canada on 3/1/10
2/28/10 2:15 PM Maximus is about to leave! This is by far the worst part about raising Dogo's. But I know he's going to a great home to someone that will love him and that he will love,
3/1/10 6:28 PM Please let me OUT! These are Maximus first pictures from Toronto, CANADA, He had some really long flights and long waits. Check back often to check on Maximus life as a Canadian!
Last pictures from Louisiana,
Latest News! 3/5/10
Maximus is an awesome puppy!  He already knows the commands 'sit' and 'down' and he knows his routine.  He is so smart and so gentle.  He loves to play and he is starting to become more vocal (he was barking and growling at the window today!).
He loves the park and going for really long walks.  Maximus walks so nice on a leash..he walks right at my side the whole time.  It was so funny, today when we got home from our walk I saw him on his little bed with something that did not resemble any of his toys.  I went over and he had taken my shoe to his bed with him.  I couldn't help but laugh!!! :)
Latest Pictures! 3/5/10

Latest News! 3/6/10
Maximus has really settled in and he loves his new coat and booties. It was really cute today when we were on our walk, this girl started to come out of her house with this huge boxer. This other dog challenged Maximus and was growling and tried to get at him so Maximus jumped in front of me and started barking and growling at this dog that was twice his size! I felt well protected :) He is so brave and nothing seems to scare or bother him. Everyone comments on how beautiful he is and stops to ask me about him :)
Latest News! 3/20/10
Maximus is such a sweet and loving puppy and he loves to cuddle.  He has such a sweet temperament and no matter where we go, everyone just loves him.  People always comment on how well mannered Maximus is and ask about his breed. Maximus is happy all the time and loves playing with his toys and at the park.  Maximus also loves getting baths!  He gets lots of treats and we always go to the pet store together to pick out new toys.  I am so glad Maximus has come into my life.  He makes me so happy and I don't know what I would do without him!
Latest Pictures! 3/20/10

Latest News! 3/25/10
Maximus is doing fantastic! He is keeping me in good spirits especially after the accident. I am going to physio therapy and massage therapy to help get better. Maximus keeps me smiling through difficult times. I am lucky to have him. He makes me laugh all the time.
Maximus outgrew his crate a few weeks ago so I got him a bigger one. He lost all his puppy teeth and he is getting his adult teeth now. When we go for walks he finds little 'treasures' along the way. Sometimes I look down and he is carrying something in his mouth and he looks so proud as if to say, "Look what I've got!". He found a plastic fork one time and another time he found a glove. He doesn't eat them he just likes to carry them and show them to people! Maximus is so cute and he knows it too! :) Maximus is very happy and so obedient. He just wants to please me and he tries so hard all the time. I will keep you posted! :)